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Young and energetic as APEX FASTENER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., is actually with a long history in fastening industry.

The mother company of Apex Fastener was founded in 1993 by the owner who has devoted himself in the industry for over 30 years especially on nut manufacture. To improve the quality and management along with company's business growing, ISO 9002/1994 in 2001 and ISO 9001/2000 in 2003 are applied and both certified in the year of application.

In 2008, the mother company applied for ISO/TS16949 and certified as well to meet the strong demands from auto industry, which makes 70% of our current main products to automotive parts switched from standard parts. The company is heading toward its step to automotive market and successfully audited by renowned auto brands, such as HONDA, TOYOTA, GE, ALCOA and world famous Tier 1 suppliers as well.

In 2009, the Central Lock Machine PATENTED No. M373975 that can press 2 points, 3 points and 6 points at one time operation is developed for better working efficiency when in production of nut.

To provide a better service and delivery, a tooling facility was founded in 2010 and included in the group to provide quality tooling for production.

Having a wide range of business with domestic trading companies for 20 years, the owner of the mother company is hoping to hear the voices of overseas customers and end users directly. Apex Fastener International Co., Ltd. was founded on Dec. 2012 to carry out his anticipation and was also ISO certified to keep the promises of quality consistency. Our team is well-experienced in bolts, nuts and covers others like stamping and machine turning parts as an exporter. The strong relation with local industry wins us the advantage to get competitive price and qualified products.

The new laboratory of Apex Fastener is close to complete and under application of ISO17025 certification through TAF. Therefore, documents of PPAP, IMDS and MSDS for automotive industry are all available.

With our sincere service and expertise in fastening industry, we believe that we can provide top quality service to our esteemed customers.